June 27th, 2012
You’re right…how could ANYONE boycott a cookie?? I think the question here is even bigger.

I am outright appalled at this, in fact I couldn’t even finish looking at all the hateful comments that are posted. This made me sick.

I can try and understand people having a firm belief in religion and finding comfort this way but I wish people could try and understand that these hateful comments are being directed at PEOPLE. Clearly this isn’t a problem for some, but all I can question is “Why is everyone so angry and uncomfortable with difference?”

People should be able to love who they want and not be looked at because they are “different”. Though when I think about the term “different” in this sense it makes me so angry because they ARE NOT DIFFERENT, gay people LOVE, like EVERYONE else. In many ways I hate the label though I find it incredibly empowering!

What constitutes the “difference” in love when love is what is tearing people apart? As humans we are so capable of loving someone else, why can’t we just look past gender and accept happiness because that is what is feeding this problem. In the end it’s not a question of love, it’s a questions of equality and happiness. And personally, I can’t understand why it should even be an everyday question for so many.

Love is a feeling. Many do not believe in love but I am a firm believer in incredible interactions with people you care about. I see people as people and thank GOD I do if he exists, because if I struggled with hate that much I would be missing my favorite cookie.

Thanks Oreo. And don’t worry you aren’t losing sales, you’re gaining many.